Saturday, April 18, 2015

Super Cool Earth Day Freebies For Your Family!

Here at Nish Homeschool we always remember the importance of honoring our ancestors and our Mother Earth! She provides for all of us to eat, sleep and live a wholesome life. Without taking care of her we lose out on taking care of humanity! Now that is a big deal. So, although we celebrate Earth Day, we honor HER everyday! It is with my pleasure to pass along the goodies below, that may help your family celebrate and honor our beautiful Mother Earth right here on Turtle Island! 

Miigwetch for coming by and checking us out too! 

  1. Earth Day Sort - Help kids learn the difference bet ween reducing, reusing, and recycling!
  2. Happy Earth Day Writing Activity - Kids of all a ges can reflect on ways their family, school, and themselves can help keep the Earth healthy. Also encourages handwriting practice!
  3. Earth Day Coloring Pages
- Creative kiddos can color the Earth with their colors of choice, or follow the color-by-code page to add critical thinking to art hour.

  • Earth Day Poof! Subtraction to 5 - This Earth Day themed game builds fluency with subtraction facts to 5. It can be played in a small group or as a partner game. It is a fun way to practice those facts!
  • Earth Day Word Search Freebie
  • - Enj oy this Earth Day themed word search puzzle with 21 eco-friendly terms like atmosphere, compost, and recycle.
  • Earth Day Bookmarks
  • - The perfect Earth Day treat for your students. Available in full-color and black-and-white.
  • Earth Day Survey and Graph - A fun and different way to practice graphing in your classroom while encouraging col laboration between students.
  • Sp ring Coloring Book - Let your little ones COLOR & SPELL Spring words.
  • Love the Earth Mystery Picture Graph - Students will love discovering the mystery picture by coloring in the correct squ ares on the alphanumeric grid using the coordinates given. This is a great addition to an Earth Day or recycling unit!
  • April 2015 Journal - A month of free journaling for learners age 8 to 100! Read about important historic, artistic, and current events that happened during the month of April - including J. Robert Oppenheimer's birthday and Earth Day on April 22nd. Then develop vocabulary and cri tical thinking skills.
  • Want to turn your Earth Day celebration into an educat ional experience? Discover new ways to learn about the amazing planet we live on (without breaking the bank!); Earth Day learning resources

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