Sunday, July 6, 2014

Nish Homeschool Book Review: The Snow Cat

Nish Homeschool  Book Review: The Snow Cat 

By Lester Ferguson

This book is one in the series of Earth Watchers written by Lester Ferguson. Ferguson surely writes for a crowd of youngsters to cheer them on to become wild life lovers and activists. The book The Snow Cat, gives the readers time to immerse themselves in a beautiful wild life expedition within the Himalayan Mountains. The reader is introduced to the snow leopards and given a short time to grow close to them before the true expedition of this story is revealed. Parents and children alike will find this story fascinating and an honest truth to the struggle of wild life activists across the world. The excitement level is fast paced and the reader is always ready to move on to the next page to find out what will happen next. Not only will the reader experience excitement when reading this book, they will also come to understand the natural way of life in the far eastern mountains. Ferguson shares important data that reflects the region and guides the reader to the history and culture of illegal animal poaching.  As an added bonus it also includes a small colorful map in the back of the book and fun facts on tigers. The included map helps the young reader to easily navigate where the setting will take place in this story.  I truly loved this book. As a political/animal activist I honestly feel that this book was well written for a child to grasp an understanding of the dangers in standing up for what they believe in and morally right. Ferguson definitely knows how to write an interesting book complete with educational materials as well. We give this book a thumbs up and recommend it to our homeschooling families and others!

“I received a complimentary copy of The Snow Cat By Lester Ferguson from the publisher/author in exchange for my honest review”