Friday, June 20, 2014

Book Review: Hello Bali


Hello Bali

Hello Bali is another super yoga book by author Giselle Shardlow that gives parents and children an easy yet engaging introduction to yoga. My six year old son and I read this book together and he was able to do the moves and feel confident in front of others while practicing. Easy learning and fun is what this book is all about. Shardlow entertains her readers by giving them an awesome introduction to yoga by including colorful and exquisite details on many of the introductory moves to yoga. Young children can follow along at home at their own speed with their yoga mats and get right into the moves. This book is well written and comes with everything that a parent needs to start off a yoga adventure with their young child. Not only does Shardlow find creative ways to bring about the founding culture that yoga started in but she also includes a small dictionary with pictures to describe Indonesian words for children to learn. This gives the children not only an introduction to yoga but a real piece of Indonesian culture to learn and explore. With the simplicity of the moves and detailed artwork children and parents can complete them with ease and feel confident to go onto the next level of poses. This book is highly recommended for beginners and first time parents and children alike that are interested in the practice of yoga.