Friday, June 20, 2014

Big South Fork National Park Recreation Area Homeschooling On The Road Trip

Each summer our homeschool heads down to Hot Springs, Arkansas to pick up my middle son for his summer visit with us. He is always happy to spend time with the family, and we miss him dearly during the school year. Well he is home with us and we are just too excited to have him again. This year we went to Ouachita National Forest for camping at Lake Ouachita State Park. It was fabulous and very relaxing after more than 1000 miles driving on the road from Michigan. Once we set off from there we stayed at a few state parks in Tennessee. I enjoyed the state parks while there as I always do and we explored a few more on the way home. But this time we were able to cross over to another national park. This time we went to Big South Fork NRRA and had a ball of a good time. The boys were able to swim, jump, yell, swing, roll, laugh, joke, tell camp stories and hang out in the woodlands of the Cherokee peoples. It was a swinging good time! The park rangers took a liking to the boys and the boys took a liking to them. To say the least everyone was friendly and down to earth and the kids thought the world of the rangers. They studied their ranger books and completed them and even earned junior park ranger badges, that they wore all the way home. They chatted it up in the car on the last hour of the trip back home about how much fun they had and how they can't wait to go back next year! So you guys already know that we will be making another trip via Tennessee so they can hang out at the Big South Fork NRRA! We recommend this park to all homeschoolers and educational adventure people too! Nothing like sleeping with the black bears of Turtle Island :) Oh and remember you can camp in the backwoods for a great price, we only paid $5 for backwoods camping for all of us in the national park. You just purchase a permit for your family and hang it on your tent. You can basically camp anywhere in the park with some small restrictions. We loved it!