Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Homeschooling Encouragement and Motivation

Hey Guys I am back again but this time I want to bring forth a topic that many people get so bent out of shape about, motivation in the homeschool. So, the first thing is YOU are making this homeschool work, YOU YOU YOU! That's right you are and no one else can do it but you because as the parent you are going to run this show! Not the state, not the teachers from the old brick and mortars but the parent/s. So, with that being stated there must be tons of material out there about motivation in the homeschool. But what you need to know first is, that you can do this and that no matter how frustrated things become, success is at your finger tips. I stress success because success is not dictated by the parents but by the children learning in the homeschool. They will show you that what you are putting into them is turning out just right. There will be a time coming that your son will start rattling off new words to you, or your daughter may pick up a book, or point out a sign while your driving and read the headlines to you. Yep, they will do it. So be ready for it to happen. You can not let yourself fall into doubting what you do best. Because no one can do this job better than you! Stay focused on the short term goals that you plan at home and worry about the rest later. Because worry does nothing but stress you and the kids out. Now is the time for you to get to work, so rest up for tomorrow and get in the groove. Don't doubt you, feel confident that you are doing what you need to do. Remember that you are special and your family is too. We all have our ups and downs, but consider their interests when doing anything and try and make your homeschool fun and productive. It does not have to be an all day eight hour day deal, you can school for a couple of hours in the morning and head outside and enjoy the rest of the day in nature. Life is meant to be enjoyed, explored and lived and guess what YOU are doing it!

Until Next Time,

Nish Gardens Homeschool