Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Go Green With Nish Homeschool & Earn An Income Too! Right From Home~

We invite you to come on over to the Green side of the earth and help to sustain her for generations to come. We have an online shopping store that is ALL the way Green! You can save money everyday by becoming a preferred customer and earn an income along with savings for your family. Why buy GMO and expose your family members to unhealthy foods and additives when you can GO GREEN! 

1. We offer a program just for your family. If you want to just be a shopper without earning an income the choice is yours. 

2. The cost to join is ONLY $1 until May 31st.  After that date it will be $29 to join. 

3. In order to stay a preferred customer you only need to spend $65 a month on household products, that includes vitamins, cleansing products, beauty products, pharmacy products, bath and shower products, hair products and so much more! 

4. Just email me @ anishinaabekgardens@aim.com and we can get you signed up right away! You can even put in your order today and receive your products in less than 4 short business days.