Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Healthy Food From Your Hands!

Spring is definitely here and the kids are enjoying a ride outside on their new bikes, playing with water guns, and skipping to a new tune on their mp3 players. But, let us remember to teach our children the values of our cultures. In our cultures we know that this is an important time of year for all of us. Because Mother Earth is pregnant, waiting for the splendid time of summer so that we will be able to eat and share with our relatives. When we lose sight of sharing with our relatives, we lose sight of really accomplishing what our ancestors talked about. Unity is being able to work together on any issue and to come up with a solution that is best for everyone involved. Unity means pushing aside our general discontent for the greater good of our peoples. So, this spring I challenge you to plant a garden, get a co-op going with your community,
and help to share foods in the downtrodden communities of our relatives. Food is one of the world's commodities that they have caused the prices to rise beyond belief in the last few years. Food is something that we all need to live and without food there certainly can be no sovereignty of the people. Because food is sovereignty!