Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Long Night Big Day

I was up getting everything organized for our brand new blog and reconfiguring some aspects on our blog feeder with I finally was able to choose a nice color. I wanted something upbeat for the spring and I also wanted to stay with something traditional so that my readers could get their news with ease. I want to make sure that every parent that comes within our circle will be able to understand more about Indian Country than they did the day before they met us. I really have huge aspirations and believe that when we work together we can meet our goals. On the other hand, we really need to stay focused on what is happening with so many children being stolen throughout Indian Country. Today on our Nish Homeschool Twitter account, I shared some things that were live and happening on Twitter concerning the Indian Child Welfare Act. If you are not familiar with the Indian Child Welfare Act it is time to start doing a search on line to find out just how it protects American Indian and Alaska Native children. Unfortunately, not enough is being done to implement this act in United States. The problems in Canada and Australia concerning Indigenous children are just about the same as United States. Staggering numbers of children are taken from their parents and forced into non Indigenous foster homes, often times with the absolute loss of their culture and traditions. We did a show on NVU Radio a couple of years ago detailing the problems that directly flow from this issue. Please tune in when you get a chance. Upload Audio - Download Music - Keep Our Babies In Our Circles