Wednesday, April 16, 2014

In the past we have had to care for dogs, birds, cats, and even guinea pigs. But one of the easiest to care for and one of the most beautiful pets that we have are our gorgeous guppies. They are always ready to breed and we never run out of them. We just love them. The boys find them easy to feed and clean up after. One of the worst pets that we had to take care of voted by the boys, were the guinea pigs. We really loved them but had no idea the strange behavior of the group that they exhibited. The boys were always astonished to find the little brown one always below being humped by our black and white polka dot piggie. Although they were the most fun of all! We sure miss them. Now as for the birds, they flew away. One flew away when my nephew was visiting and the other flew away when my cousin opened the door and had no idea that the bird was out. Actually he forgot and felt horrible afterwards. The guppies are pretty good. When we have to travel long distance in the summer we usually leave them with a full batch of snails that they can snack on if they happen to run out of food. Once when we left and didn't expect to stay out for long, we actually thought that the guppies would die. But, they had a gourmet snack of snails! So, we always leave their tank packed with yummies before we have to venture far from home, just in case. If you are thinking about getting a pet we highly advise you to get guppies. Fun, intelligent, and very interesting fish!