Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Nish Homeschool's Kids' Music CD REVIEW - A Little Mandarin By Toni Wang

   How many of you can speak a Chinese dialect fluently? If your answer is no and you believe that your child would flourish by being introduced to a new language then this is definitely going to be the music CD of your choice! Let this homeschool mom help you put some awesome music into perspective! Our family in cooperation with Multicultural Kids Blogs,  reviewed A Little Mandarin music CD this past weekend and just loved the beats right from the start, not to mention the language too! See, my dad was one of those guys that loved to talk to different people from around the world and was never one bit shy of approaching someone and asking about their culture. It seems my little guy has taken over where dad left off. Yep! My kids are into all sorts of music and our family is one that hops around Turtle Island from one different Native American pow wow to the next, so we are just the right family for grooving, dancing, and chillin' to a new and different kind of tune. Yet even though we are pretty experienced on what is happening in our Native culture and others, I can not express how important it is for us to introduce our children to world cultures, including those from Asia. This greatly impacts the way they think, dance, react, respect and feel other people, including their friends and neighbors. My children are some of the most outgoing kind of guys  and this cd is encouraging to their ears. When I write encouraging I really mean it. My kids now want to take a short trip to a Chinese community and meet fellow homeschooling Chinese Americans so that they can learn a bit of their culture and make new friends. My kids really enjoyed the upbeat tunes along with the slow down of the nursery songs too. I mean A Little Mandarin music CD is not just for school age kids it may be listened to by small babies, preschoolers, everyone in the family! I really love the fact that my kids can hear the Mandarin dialect anytime they like and can listen at home, in the car, in their pods etc. Not only that, but they may easily learn the lyrics and sing along too. That is what is so great about music, it can be adapted into any environment and listened to, no matter the language. So, this summer it is a must on our to visit list to head out to the Chinese community in Toronto, Canada and see if we can find some fellow homeschoolers willing to hang out and share a bit of their culture and friendship too! But, Until then, we will keep on jamming and relaxing to our brand new A Little Mandarin music CD. Oh, and did I tell ya this makes an awesome gift for that special little person in your life! I know my boys are cutting the grooves and so is mommy! Remember to check below and have a listen to a sampling of A Little Mandarin music CD. Feel free to leave a comment too!


Here is some of what other families and children have to say about A Little Mandarin music CD

"I love Toni's voice because it is so beautiful. I like that the songs are in Chinese instead of English and that they are kids' songs!"-     Annalise, Age 5

This CD is great for exposing kids to the Chinese language, even if they don't understand it yet."    -Maria Wen Adcock, BiCulturalMama.com

"I like it, I like to dance to it. I like it when Danny dances to it too and I dance with Danny."-    Sarah, Age 4


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