Friday, February 2, 2018

Emior 4 Step Anti-Aging Skin Routine #Review

I have had some problems with my skin especially in the winter time and I wanted to be sure that I was using a skin product that would allow me to use it in a daily routine. I definitely understand the benefits of using cleansers for the skin and the Emior Cleanser really helped to balance my everyday routine. I want my skin to feel revitalized not worn down, even if it is winter time and my eczema is flaring up. This product helped me to feel revitalized and was a benefit to my daily skin routine for the winter.

The first step in the routine is the Emior Gel Cleanser. At first I was a little skeptical especially using a non cream based cleanser. But, let me tell you this product really helped revitalize my skin. So, I like to do a cleaning at night before sleeping and this was perfect for me. I was able to wash my face with this awesome cleanser and you guessed it, my face did not dry out. I still had a balanced amount of moisture and that definitely was a huge plus for me! The fruit extracts added to this gel cleanser were a definite plus as well. My skin has the benefit of a quality cleanser plus the moisture to top it off. Next in the routine for me is the Emior Fruit Exfoliator.

The Emior Fruit Exfoliator was easy to apply and left my skin with a youthful glow. Packed with fruit extracts and so many other nutrients I knew that this was going to also benefit this 40 year old plus mommy! Not only was it not a mess to apply but it too helped to clean out the old cells left on my face and brought forth a gorgeous glow to my skin. This is the perfect product for any and all skin types as well. My skin was not left feeling dry either. It is soft to the touch and my complexion looks vibrant. I definitely recommend this exfoliator for any skin routine. Up next in my routine I tried a new product that I was sort of iffy about trying as well. The Emior Anti Aging Serum.

The Emior Anti Aging Serum is a serum that helps to balance out uneven skin tones as well as hydrating the skin. To me an uneven skin tone really leaves the face looking blah especially in the winter months when the summer tan is gone. I don’t really have any wrinkles as of yet, but hey, I want to protect myself from them as well. I was pleased with this anti aging serum results as well. Not only did my face color and appearance radiate but my winter face has a much more even skin tone too. That is another plus in my skin routine. I will honestly be adding this to my evening routine without a doubt! But now on to one of the major problems with me under the eye health and beauty.

Something about my genetics causes me to have a deficiency and darkness underneath my eyes. No matter how much sleep I get. So, I do eat my leafy greens to be sure I am getting the proper minerals and vitamins to keep that darkness away. But in addition to that I added the Emior Eye Cream to battle not only the darkness but helping to keep a vibrant youthful look under the eyes. The puffiness around my eyes adds to the darkness and takes away from my youthful look too. So this eye cream was bound to be a plus for me. Using this last and final step to my night time routine was a breeze. The eye cream was essentially marketed to help with de-puffing while you sleep and moisturize the skin around the eyes. This was something that it definitely holds true to it’s name for. Not only were my eyes feeling rejuvenated after a long day working on the computer, but they were no longer puffy around the edges. The soothing quality of this cream helped give me the right relaxation before my dream time. Which is always a plus for a busy homeschool mommy!

I recommend all of the Emior 4 Step Anti-aging products for all skin types, especially if you are concerned with keeping a vibrant, revitalized, youthful and moisturized look. My skin suffers from winter eczema flare ups and this entire routine not only cut down on my skin being dry and flaky but it virtually stopped all puffiness around my eyes, and brought back an even skin tone after my summer tan wore away. You too can be a skin revitalizer too, just check out their products at the link below and get ready for smooth perfection!

I received Emior 4 Step Anti Aging Routine
 products free of charge 
in exchange for an independent review.