Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Mechanical Engineering Robotics With Thames & Kosmos (& Giveaway Ends 11/3)

My 9-year-old is an engineer at heart. He can look at something and build it with little effort either with or without instructions. Well, Thames & Kosmos has come out with a Mechanical Engineering Robotics set that has challenged him to really think.

The Thames & Kosmos Mechanical Engineering: Robotic Arms is a set designed for kids ages 7 to 14 years old that is all about pneumatic machines. Kids can build six different mechanical models based on parts of robotic machines: arms, grabber, claws and legs. While building, kids learn the mechanical engineering principals behind the machines.

Each model uses a pneumatic system which is basically pumping air to move various pieces. Kids learn how pneumatic pressure moves pieces with air! My son was fascinated with how these models used air and not batteries or a plug! I admit I was pretty amazed at how it worked.

His favorite creation was the robotic arm that he could grip things with. Luckily the set came with a detailed manual with step-by-step illustrated instructions. He was able to fly through building the sets. You can only build one model at a time but the fun is building and re-building the sets, then of course playing with them.
This Thames & Kosmos set was a great starter set for him to learn mechanical engineering principals he was not aware of. He is starting to grasp how much an engineer really needs to know and understand. It clicked for him how the inside of machines works now.
What is great too about this set is you get so many pieces that your child can really build whatever they can dream up or just modify one of the sets in the manual. You don’t need to add anything to these sets, they are ready to be built and played with.

Check out the Thames & Kosmos website for the Mechanical Engineering: Robotic Arms set or find it at a store near you.
WIN IT: (1) US winner will receive a Thames & Kosmos Mechanical Engineering: Robotic Arms


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