Saturday, October 31, 2015

Book Review of Sea Island (Earth Watchers Series) by Lester Ferguson


Today is a good day, and I am so happy! Why you ask? Because I got a chance to read the book Sea Island written and illustrated by Lestor Ferguson. This book is in the Earth Watchers series by Lestor Ferguson. So far, I have read two books from this series, and love both of them!

Environmental issues are a real hot topic today, since many of the earth's natural resources are definitely running extremely low. Like for instance, the fish in the oceans are predicted, if things continue as such that the oceans will become over fished and remain without fish in the near future. That sounds horrible, yet it is a fact of life that earthlings have to face. On the other hand, this book not only confronts environmental issues but racial diversity as well. Both of the main characters in this book were of two different racial backgrounds, but they were able to work together and reach many of their goals. Even though, legal segregation is no longer an issue, it was at the time for the two main characters In this book.
This really was a true eye opener, especially with so many problems with environmental issues, racism should not be so prominent yet, it definitely is in this story.

I certainly feel like this book helps the reader to see past racism as well as take heed to what is happening environmentally that is dangerous to all living beings. All of this to say that it helps one to become a better person in life. 

I rate this book a FULL FIVE Stars and encourage parents everywhere to take an interest on hot topic environmental issues affecting our communities across N. America. Not only was this an excellent read but the illustrations were fantabulous! 

* I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine and I have not been compensated for them.