Friday, February 27, 2015

Nish Homeschool REVIEW Standard Deviants Accelerate!

We have a homeschool that has two children enrolled. My youngest son is 7 and my oldest son is 17. Both children use online programming in their homeschooling. Of course my older child uses much more than my youngest. When I was offered to do a homeschool review of Standard Deviants Accelerate I was really excited because I knew my oldest son would be interested in trying out something new. This review focuses in on my oldest son and what he has experienced as an online student with this particular program.

His four classes in the program are AP US History, Chemistry, Algebra, and Nutrition. We would like to share some positive aspects to some of the courses that he is enrolled in this school semester.

For AP US History the diagram was very useful for him as well as the videos and notes. Also at the end of each topic there is a short quiz. There was only one week for AP US History, and each topic helped him learn extensively about the AP test for history. 

For chemistry there is a nine week program and each week the class goes more in depth with chemicals and elements on the periodic table. In each topic there is also a video along with notes that my son liked. The videos reminded him of PBS Kids programs when he was younger and he really thought that was cool. It brought back an old school style of learning for him. 

There is also a vocabulary, as well as a diagram which is a pretest before the quiz that alerts you if you need to study more or not. Also, there is an actual quiz for the student and after this quiz there is also a written answer for extra practice, if you need it. He did not feel that this was asking too much, but the written answers section is not available in the AP US History Course, which he understood since it is not that long of a class.

Overall he feels that Standard Deviants Accelerate is set up perfectly because it helps students  get right down to business. Another  positive aspect to this online school program are the subtitles that are available on the videos. This is made like this so that the student can read exactly what they are saying in the videos in case the volume is not working or if a student may be deaf. Also, another positive aspect to the program is the feature of saving personal notes to your online personal locker. This feature really helps you to stay on track. Overall our homeschool rates Standard Deviants Accelerate with an all star rating. We would definitely recommend this program to all our fellow homeschoolers and even afterschoolers alike!

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