Sunday, February 1, 2015

Heaven and Hound Book Review

In the fictional book Heaven and Hound: Rise of the Alpha by LJ Clarkson ,
the protagonist Barny Pedrotter just a average ninth grader at Five woods High had a fear of dogs,
and one day a group of kids video taped him striking a small dog after it attacked him.

Which changed his life at school he was already on his last strike for being late, if he was late one more time he would be expelled, well after taking a damaged rare exotic bird to a vet, being attacked by a dog, being videotaped and it being sent to everyone in five woods High, yea he showed up five minutes late.

Therefore his super mean Homeroom teacher Mr. Thompson gave him detention and tried to send him to the principal, but his friends Max and Kate backed him up which they got detention too. But little did anyone know that his teacher was a whacked out lady named Gaybreaal in disguise out to get her older brother Lou, because he always took credit for everything, which he did.

Well Gaybreaal's older brother Lou is trying to find his Pops(dad) and needs his hounds for it, because Lou thinks that his pops went missing, Mik the other brother is a general Sargent in the army and has to protect his Pops from someone trying to kill him, but doesn't know who, and did I mention the siblings and pops had powers.

Heaven and Hound: Rise of the Alpha is an amazing book, I haven't read a book this good in a very long time, filled with suspense and jokes and lots of action scenes, I mean I woke up my little brother laughing.

LJ Clarkson did an excellent job keeping me hooked I mean I didn't want it to end , I recommend this book to all ages who love a good action comedy, and I give this book a two thumbs up and five stars *****.

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