Thursday, January 1, 2015


    The fictional book Whip Eye by Geoffrey Saign, was a spectacular book, which tells a great story about a girl named Samantha, and how her entire life changed after becoming best friends with a parrot named charlie. She had a break through to seeing what most people can'
t, put right in between a war against good and evil. She went from grieving from the loss of her mother, to being chased after by Magnar a keeper of shadow monsters, which he wants charlie. Samantha and her neighbor Jake defend themselves from Magnar and the shadow monsters, along with the goodness in animals. Their main goal is to keep charlie alive and safe and that’s the key.

    I believe this book was detailed so well it was as if you were there along for the ride. Especially how well it was put together from page to page, it got even better with every word. The author wrote this book with a vast amount of suspense for the reader, which made me hunger for more and more. Yet it was humorous at some points, which made the book even better. I recommend this book to all fantasy and adventure story lovers, and if you  haven’t read one this would be a perfect book to start off. Geoffrey Saign most definitely did an outstanding job on this book

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