Saturday, June 7, 2014

Nish Homeschool Mom Does A Summer Time Beauty Review : Argan Oil Big Hair Review Wash N Go

My hair is naturally curly and I like my hair to be easy to do yet versatile. I am way too busy with homeschooling and the radio station to worry about total upkeep of my hair. Wash n go is what I live by. Although wash n go does not leave me with defined/detailed curls, I am more likely to wear this style than any other. Well, besides my braid! So, I really wanted to try Argan Oil made by Organix in order to cut down on styling time.  This week was the first time that I used Organix Argan oil/ Shea butter mix for my hair. Usually I style with Fructis Sleek and grapeseed or tea tree oil. But I wanted to experience something new. So I deleted the grapeseed/tea tree oil and added Organix Argan oil/ Shea Butter. 

My hair is soft, fluffy and it doesn't look wet or greasy. Looking wet is not the look that I want. I really like my hair to look dry yet feel soft and be bouncy and luckily this is exactly what Organix Argan/Shea Butter Mix did for me. Not too heavy and not too light, it is just right.  But one product may be just right and another  product a complete disaster zone.

 I did pick up another brand of Argan oil mix made by Cream of Nature "Perfect Edges" and unfortunately I was not completely satisfied with the results. I wanted to use this particular product instead of gel, but that was not happening. I was not completely satisfied because my hair moved out of the style that I wanted it set in. Having my hair stay set in one style  is something that is a must for me since I do not want to style while busy doing other things. I admit that style is important but not so much so that I have to take hours out of my day in order for the end result to meet my qualifications.  

Using one brand over another can really make a difference. I am so glad that I bought both products at the same time so that I would have something to compare to. Hair care is really important and you usually want to purchase products that you can use freely and have them work just the way that you want. I am completely satisfied with the Organix brand Argan oil mix but Creme of Nature really has some work to do, in order to get their product right. Hair gel will be for me until someone invents something different.