Friday, June 27, 2014

Dedicated To The Giveaway Mommy Bloggers and Others!

If I had one thing to say about my ancestors I would say that they were always there for those in need. As I reflect back over the past week and look at all the good things in my life, I clearly realize that the harder it may seem for some is when we should be there for them the most.  Helping each other is one reason why I feel very positive about blogger giveaways.  Many of the people involved in giveaways are women that often times are stay at home moms. On the flip side there are also many mothers  that may be living in stark poverty, just barely able to afford groceries for their families. So, a  small  giveaway  gift may also be that one shiny moment that may brighten & lighten the load on their shoulders, when they need it most. In reflecting upon this, I came to understand more about my own life. So now,  I want to tell you a little about it.

When my sister and I were growing up I remember my mother would always tell my father to purchase shoes for the girls and that she would wear something that she picked up from a garage sale. My mother always felt terrible to go out and spend a shred of money on herself when her girls needed new shoes or boots for school. On the other hand when my aunt or another relative gave her extra money she usually always put that extra towards us. That little extra went a very long way and she made it work. She was determined to see her girls have a fun and playful childhood with lots of love. I must say she taught me some of the most important lessons in life.  One very important life lesson that I learned was that sharing and giving to the next generation is of the utmost importance.

 Mumma also believed in helping those in need and graciously thought of the children first. So in looking at the difficult financial times that many families may be in, I could not help but think of the many mommy bloggers doing what they do best, giveaways. In these hard times,  that little soap giveaway gift goes a very long way! Or the dryer sheets, scented candles, piece of jewelry or a box of diapers just to name a few. Just as that extra cash that relatives would stash into my mother's hand as a thank you, for what she did for them, giveaways give back too.This is one reason why I have so much respect for my sister bloggers, because they are doing what they can to help those that may just really need a helping hand. So,  I honor mommy bloggers today for all the hard work that they do and the light and love that they are shining upon those in need! I would like to thank each and every hard working blogger out here making a difference in the lives of many in 2014!