Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Beautiful Outdoors in Spring

During the spring of the year the birds are chirping, grass is growing, flowers are budding and an occasional thunderstorm rips through the area. That was exactly how my day was today. My youngest son loves to pretend and play outdoors. He loves the outdoors more than any of my children and wants others in the home to enjoy it just like he does. Well, I am usually bogged down with items that need to be taken care of inside the home or online. So, I have not been getting out as much as I would like to. Eli came barging in early this morning and told me that he wanted to head outdoors. I told him that the other kids from public schools are not out and he would be a little bored without them. He told me no that he was ready to go out. I eventually got dressed and headed outside. Boy was I happy that I did. It was so beautiful out there and Eli was first to bring up the fact that it smells like camping time. I thought that was so funny and he kept saying different things and looking at the garden to really let me know how things are coming along outdoors. 

Eli is one of the outdoorsy type guys. He loves playing in the grass and romping with his friends while tossing a football. Today was something special for me, because for the first time I realized just how in tune with our earth Eli is. He explained certain things about our garden and even encouraged me to take a look at how great the strawberries were doing. I asked him about our blueberry bush and he told me that it did not survive. Usually around this time of year it does look a little better than it is doing now, but we just have to pray that it comes back. Anyways, Eli was so excited about having me outdoors I told him that I would have his brother make a picnic with him outside. He was so happy to do that. So we went in and gathered up the items that we wanted to use for the picnic and I even let them have a couple of packs of chips. Eli made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and packed some grape juice as well. My oldest son got up, even with his sprained ankle and went outside for a nice picnic with his brother. I was so pleased with both of the boys. The love that they shared and the patience that Ismaeel had with Eli was pleasing too. I sure love my boys and I am happy that I got a chance to enjoy a few joyful moments with both of them. This is one reason why I love homeschooling, because I get to see how much my boys are maturing.

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