Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day A Day To Remember The Matriarchs Of Our Childhood

Well today is officially the Mother's Day that we have all been preparing for in the homeschooling/blogging community. But some of us are not as happy as others even though they are celebrating with children. Now, for the ones that are missing mothers/grandmothers/aunties etc. let us remember that they are still with us. We still have their smiles, laughter, and happiness that they shared with us over the years. We still have their good advice and we will always remember the love that they shared with us as well as the times when they had to reprimand us! I will forever remember having to carry a small little pillow while sitting on my grandma's front porch in the summer time sipping her cool and refreshing home made ice tea. Grandma did not allow us girls to sit barebummed on the concrete for fear that we would get the big H. We never understood that but now I find myself telling my boys to not sit on the concrete barebummed or else! See, the ancestors live on within our hearts, souls and minds and will never be forgotten. We are so blessed to have had the chance to share with those great and wonderful ladies that loved us so! Remember this day is for all of us to celebrate even when we are not physically able to see them anymore we can still celebrate in their memory! Love and blessings to all the mother's out there that miss their moms! 

Until Next Time,

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