Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lost Little Penguin Book Review By Nish Homeschool

The Lost Little Penguin by Tracey Corderoy and Gavin Scott was an astounding tale of adventure and love that each and every reader will enjoy! Parents will enjoy this story just as much as children will. It starts off with a foreshadowing of danger leading the reader to understand that there is definitely a reason to be worried for the protagonist, Plip the penguin. This foreshadowing allows the reader to imagine a big bad wolf like character and all the danger that goes along with it. The author helps young readers and parents alike to understand that we should not judge a book by it's cover, figuratively. This was done in a way that captures the imagination of children and keeps them turning the pages of this revealing tale. The emotion of love is felt throughout the story as well as the sense of urgency and excitement. This story keeps the reader turning pages and the interest is always held.  In my personal opinion I believe that keeping the interest of the child is the main point for a children's book. It is not only beneficial to the authors to keep the reader in tune but also it benefits the new emerging readers. This benefit builds upon the literacy of a child and leads them to a lifelong love of reading and this is why it is so important to keep their interest. By keeping the attention of the child reading, Corderoy and Scott are doing much more than telling a story but building upon literacy in the life of a child! Our homeschool recommends this book with flying colors!