Friday, May 2, 2014

Long Day Little Sleep

Well with all the giveaways and excitement I have barely been able to get a good night's rest! But with that being said, today was a long day. I worked for the rest of the afternoon on our homeschool website. If you are interested in visiting our homeschool website and taking a look at all the new stuff go there after you read this. The link is at the top of my blog page. We also have a homeschool earning store. Check both pages if you like. Anyways, it is already May 2 and May 1st passed this homeschooling mother over!

Tomorrow will be a new interesting day and we will have a good time with the boys. I look forward to reading some of Eli's new books that we got from the Pragmatic Mom Homeschool Blog Giveaway! We will definitely enjoy these beautiful books. I am always happy when we get a book in the mail and this time we got more than three. Eli was excited about all the excitement, with the winning tickets to see The Globetrotters from Homeschooling In Detroit, to the Firefly toothbrush spring basket full of toothbrushes, paste and all sorts of light up gidgets and gadget toothbrushes from Firefly. Then we got the books! I really do believe more people should get involved in the giveaways and enjoy participating and meeting new people.

Well anyways that was my update for this early morning and I will be back on tomorrow with more updates and fun stuff. Oh by the way I did not get a chance to do my homeschool show so I will do it tomorrow morning. Be on the look out for the new homeschool update show! You can check out one of our affiliate links below.

Until Next Time,

Goodnight and Sweet Dreams!
Nish Homeschool