Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Homeschooling On The Road

You know with summer right here around the corner many of us will be packing up the children and hitting the road! Travels will take us all over Turtle Island and we may just run into a real emergency on the highway. But how many of you are really prepared for a true emergency? Well first of all you need to remember that accidents happen in just a few short minutes and after that sometimes a person's life may be changed forever. With this thought in mind we must remember to do all that we can to avoid a situation where one may be permanently damaged. First of all we must be wide awake while driving on the road. Often times it is just real sleep that drivers need to keep them awake at the wheel. I know that when I get super tired I just have to give in and say goodnight to the road. Also, saying goodnight to the road may not always mean staying the night in a motel/hotel/inn.  You may decide to stay in a campground. If that is the case you need to be prepared for anything. I say this with ANYTHING really meaning ANYTHING. Let me tell you a little story about our trip to Tennessee last summer. 

Last June we went to Arkansas to pick up my middle grade son for the summer. On our way back to the East Coast we stopped overnight at a campground in Cumberland County State Park. It was beautiful at this particular park. The swimming pool was huge and I was excited to have all of my family together. But the beauty was hiding something in the woods. We needed to go shopping and get a few groceries to grill for the evening. We left out just before dusk and headed to a local grocery store in town. We picked out a few nice things and headed back to the campground. When we entered the park I saw something run past me prior to pulling back to our tent spot in the back of the park. It was quiet and really dark in the tent area and most families were not staying in the tent area they were in trailers and motor homes up front and most were typical campers in that region. They had flash lights, which we forgot and big campfires going and lots of string lights and plenty of human noise. We on the other hand, had no flashlight,  a small cell phone that was not a smartphone, a car and a small tent. When we arrived back to the grounds unpacking everything it was just starting to really get dark. Well, the boys were spooked out as I was too for some strange eerie reason. Unsure of why I was feeling so uneasy at the time, I figured it was just because I was in an unfamiliar campground and we were really far from everyone else. Well, that is when my cousin started shouting that something terrible was happening and that he needed a bit of help. 

The boys after coming home from the grocery store left their Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream on the picnic table and apparently the raccoons were fighting over who was going to gobble them up. This was what was hiding in the woods and boy oh boy were these raccoons one dangerous bunch. My cousin tried to gong them out of our campground and we had no light so he was lost in the dark while they were hissing and arguing with him and each other, apparently all over that ice cream sitting on the picnic table. My cousin was just trying to get the campfire started and they started running up behind him trying to bum rush him to get him out of the way. He was a clear threat to them having their dairy treat. While all of this was going on my son was having a panic attack and I was disgusted that the woman at the front desk would toss us back here in a tent. I turned my car on, beeped the horn repeatedly and eventually tried to call for help on my cell phone. 

Unfortunately we were stuck back there in the deep woods with coons ready to take us down. I told my cousin to get in the car and get settled with us because the boys were scared to death. They had a reason to be scared, one of the coons was as big as my five year old! My little cousin eventually stopped arguing with the coons and got into the car, but we became restless and without a working cell phone we were going to be trapped in our car all night. So, he decided he would get out and ask the neighbors in the trailer homes up front for a light and maybe to call the local sheriff for a jump. Because by this time my battery had run so low that I could not start the car again. So, with a few sticks and a large hamburger flipper he jumped out of the car and ran to the front for help. There was a veteran and his wife that decided to give him a light.

I will never forget that family and they were so nice to us, I could never repay them for the good deed that they did. But honestly I was frantically upset by this time because my boys could not get to sleep and everyone was totally miserable in our car. We sat it seemed like for an eternity and finally he came back with an officer by his side. He was able to jump my dead battery and also the veteran and his family sent us a large tube flashlight. Afterwards the boys and I got into the tent and finally fell asleep. After all of the hissing and scratching wore our ears out we were able to let it go and sleep. The next morning we woke up and I knew that I did not want to get back on the road without a proper cell phone to call out in case of emergencies. A phone that would work for us no matter where we were at. This brings me to the point of this post 


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