Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Homeschooling With A Broken/Sprain

Homeschooling Without Borders

In our homeschool we do lots of traveling and visiting family. But these last few months we have been taking it easy and staying close to home. Well since the warm weather is now here we are ready to get back to our regular routine, well except that Ismaeel now has a sprained ankle. Six weeks he will be out of commission and hey the warm weather just started up, what do we do? Well I have sat back and thought about this dilemma too much already this week. Over and over in my head, what can we do is the question that circulates constantly. So, I made up this list of things that we can still do even though his ankle is sprained:

  1. Visit relatives and relax on their porches with some of the elders.
  2. We can still camp but Ismaeel will not be able to swim with us, but he can offer a friend to come along or hang out with other kids that are not swimming.
  3. We can travel long distances it really won't make a big difference if his ankle is functioning or not.
  4. We can fish, he just will not be able to get in the lake.

I do realize that Ismaeel loves to swim and he may be disgusted about us swimming while he is reading a magazine. So, I really don't think I want to swim and leave him alone unless he is totally ok with it. Also, he can play with the tablet and go online to visit his buddies if we do go swimming. That will also really depend on what he wants to do. I still want to be able to accommodate his needs and not leave him alone. I would prefer him to invite a buddy to hang out with him, that way they can do something fun if we decide to swim. Ismaeel does like to cook so he can be in charge of the meals at camp. That would give him something that he likes to do as well as make him the star of the camp!

My biggest concern is being sure that Ismaeel is happy and also not feeling left out. I never want to be the kind of parent that leaves a child out knowingly or unknowingly. I hope this makes sense because I do love my kids!