Monday, May 5, 2014

Don't Burn Out Homeschooling

Don't Get Burnt Out Homeschooling

Always give time off for mom and/or dad. You do deserve it. You take on a ton of responsibility and do need some time to relax, build on your relationship, or just get a breath of fresh air alone. There is always time for family time but take time for yourself so that you will be able to continue doing so well in your homeschool. I know many of us get caught up in a rut of losing time, but you are not really losing time. What you are doing is something normal and natural. So give yourself a nice break and a big pat on the back! You guys sure deserve it!

Tips for taking some free time:

  • Go camping alone, overnight and get a sitter or grandma/auntie to watch the kids for a bit.
  • Have a long walk on the beach and go for some ice cream while enjoying the sunset.
  • Go on a cruise on your local river or take a day off where you go out to lunch then the movies.
  • Enjoy some free time at your local library while the kids are picking out books you take some mommy/daddy time too.
  • Enjoy a concert at a local culture center and then go out and have a foreign dish that you have always wanted to try.