Thursday, May 15, 2014

Book Review of Little Orchid's Sea Monster Trouble

This story gave meaning to what family really is. I read this book aloud to my homeschool children, usually I use a device to read from but my wi-fi went out and I had to read from the computer. Nonetheless it kept the boys and I entertained for the last few days. The author has a figurative imagination that bursts with life and love in this book. The images of how the characters grow into different beings are vivid and the feelings of love and trust are felt through her usage of words. I could also feel the intensity of the pain and rejection felt by the protagonist during the period when she felt isolated due to her status in the home of her upper class friend. My children never had to question what the character was feeling because this character was totally brought to life right from the pages of this book! The author knows how to grasp the attention of children as well as adults and keep her audience wanting to read continuously. I appreciate this style of writing and wish that more could grasp and compete for the eyes and hearts of children such as this author. Little Orchid's Sea Monster Trouble will always be a favorite in our house!