Saturday, April 26, 2014

Homeschool Reading Tips & Information

There are a variety of books that I like to use with my homeschool. I love ebooks too, and you can get free public domain reading materials on the Gutenberg Library Also, if you have little ones at home and elementary school kids you can go online to the website and get all sorts of reading materials for your youngsters. Make use of your local library and also garage, flea market, and yard sales. Often times at the garage/yard sales you can get books for a dime a piece! Now that is an awesome deal! I do tons of out loud reading for my six year old son, we just finished a Judy Blume classic and we are right back again reading another one of her books Fudge-A-Mania. My son loves to hear me read stories out loud to him and enjoys the time in homeschool listening to mommy! I always add a little accent to the characters and he really loves when I do that. It brings the characters to life for him and that to me is a huge plus. In the book Small Moments: Personal Narrative Writing the author explains this "Stories are so crucial to a child's language development that Gordon Wells, who performed a longitudinal study of twenty children and their language development throughout their school aged years, concluded that all the activities that were found to be characteristic of literate homes, the sharing of stories gave some children the most essential advantage. He concluded Constructing stories in the mind or storying, as it has been called is one of the most fundamental means of making meaning."