Friday, April 18, 2014

Nish Homeschool Field Trip Highlights The Secrets of Stress Free Homeschooling

Many of us are working steadily with our family members so that they will be successful in their studies at home. But, often times you can feel like you are not doing enough to complete your goals. But don't feel like you are behind, empower yourself and learn the secrets of homeschooling! The secrets of homeschooling starts with empowering ourselves to feel the best that we can feel. It is imperative that we allow ourselves rest, relaxation, and time for outdoors. When taking the children out on field trips you can enjoy everything that you experience while outside of the home. Also remember that a little art can go a long way. Being creative with face paints can liven up the kids, especially when they get to paint parents or older siblings. But if you can get outdoors in the beautiful nature, that is always best. I make it a purpose in our homeschool to get out and see the world. Most of our travels are done in the summer time but we also visit indoor facilities in the winter and we do get out in the snow! You may want to make it one of your goals if you are just starting to homeschool, to get outside of the home and take the kids exploring. You do not have to go on expensive trips and waste tons of money. You can get out to small local field trips in your area. Go to library functions that some local libraries have and take out time to frequent local parks. We break into the spring by camping and cooking out in a nearby campground. We pack our bags and head out to have fun in the woods. A good spring campfire, jokes and stories can lighten the load of any homeschooling family. We go to a nice little cozy campground in the spring that has an indoor swimming pool as well as a lake for fishing and games for the children to play. Weekends are best for spring camping and if you are in the north make sure you pack lots of sleeping bags and blankets for the cold spring nights. So, stop worrying about how you will relieve the stress and just get out there and do it this spring! Empower yourself with happiness and relaxation from our Mother Earth!