Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Affirmative Action and Treaties

Often times we do not think about what it means to live in America. Well if you are not American Indian you are allowed to be here legally due to the treaties that were signed by American Indian Nations and the United States or Great Britain. If those treaties are not kept in force, Americans would initially
lose their land base, homes, offices, businesses, and so much more. I hope that homeschools across Turtle Island are teaching the importance of the Supreme Law of The Land! This my friend is what treaties really are. Obviously American Indian Nations were sovereign prior to Europeans arriving here. Treaties can only be signed via two sovereigns. This is why Americans are allowed to live and work here under the United States Government. Understanding this important right is imperative. So, there are inherent rights that American Indians possess regardless if they are federally recognized or non federally recognized. These rights are over the lands and waters. There are plenty more details about this, but often times those teaching history do not share this information. Homeschools have a great responsibility to teach their children the proper history. I hope you will share and keep sharing this to your friends and families that may be homeschooling, unschooling or afterschooling. There are some groups that are trying to equate treaties on the same standing as affirmative action, this is a gross error on their part. CERA and CERF are anti-Indian, anti-Treaty movements that everyone should be aware of. Treaties are what keeps Americans on the land base, without these awesome treaties, no one would legally be allowed to live here in United States nor do business, except American Indians. "The essential topic of the conference was stripping the tribes of their federal treaty rights, a necessary precursor to seizing and plundering tribal property. Local organizers for the anti-Indian conference were CERA board member Tom Williams, of Lynden, and Skip Richards, a Bellingham consultant with a 20-year history of anti-Indian organizing as both a property-rights advocate and a collaborator with Christian Patriot militias."-
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